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8 Coolest Cars of SEMA 2022 Las Vegas

Nov 26, 2022

8 coolest cars of sema 22

In the world of custom cars, there’s no event quite like SEMA. Every year, automakers and modifiers from all over the world descend on Las Vegas to show off their latest and greatest creations. It’s a week-long celebration of everything automotive, and it’s always a blast to see.

This year was no exception. The 8 coolest cars at SEMA 2022 were some of the most impressive we’ve ever seen. From classic hot rods to futuristic concept vehicles, there was something for everyone at this year’s show. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Lexus Electrified Sport

Aside from its jaw dropping good looks, the Electrified Lexus, created by Calty Design in California, will redefine EV performance. It is rumored to feature solid-state batteries with a range of over 400 miles and will reach 0-60 in just over 2 seconds. Whew! Did we mention its jaw dropping good looks?

2. TECHART GTstreet R

This, the 71st of 87 TECHART Porches built, is an absolute masterpiece. TECHART presented two refined 911s as well as their newest styling and performance products for all Porsches.

From Jürgen Bauer, VP of TECHART North America:

“We are proud to announce the presence of TECHART North America at SEMA Show 2022. We’re looking forward to meet and reconnect with industry peers and professionals from around the world at our premium positioned TECHART stand at Central Hall… setting the standard for premium individualization for Porsche cars.”

They did not disappoint.

3. Eric Storz’s Kindig It Design 1971 Nova

Many of you know Dave Kindig from the long running show, Bitchin’ Rides. And, you know they are not in the habit of cutting corners or building middle of the road vehicles. Dave is an over the top designer/fabricator who transforms old classics into modern masterpieces. You won’t be surprised or disappoint with this 1971 Nova.

4. Kevin Hart’s ’87 Buick Grand National

Built by Dave Salvaggio, Kevin Hart’s “Dark Knight” is a timeless 80’s beast that has been resurrected with a swapped in 3.6L V6 out of a Cadillac CT4-V. It now produces a whopping 650hp and remains one of America’s fastest muscle cars.

5. Ken Block Hoonicorn AWD Mustang

Hoonigan’s Ken Block built an interesting four wheel take on the mythical creature when he assembled this ’65 “Hoonicorn” Mustang. With a massive set of Garrett Twin Turbochargers, the 6 speed Hoonicorn generates a ridiculous 1,400 HP with 1,250 lb-ft of torque. Yes, you read that right!

hoonicorn mustang

6. Toyota GR Corolla Rally Concept

Toyota Motorsports Garage introduced its rally concept intended to provide a “glimpse of the new model’s potential for aftermarket customization”.

7. Honda Powered Ferrari 308

Yes, a Honda powered Ferrari. Before you let the idea break your brain, it’s actually an amazing car. What started as an ’81 308 GTBi with just 38K miles was completely stripped down and rebuilt by StanceWorks. They reconstructed the Ferrari with a Honda K24 engine and massive Garrett turbo.

After upgrading to a 4 Piston Racing KT1000 built K24 engine, VTEK Killer cam setup, a sleeved block fitted with Saenz connecting rods, Wiseco flat-top pistons, and more, the KT1000 is rated to support 1,000-horsepower at the wheels. That’s an increase in over 800hp!

Oh, by the way, it looks AMAZING.

Honda Powered Ferrari 308

8. ARB First Responder Bronco

This Ford Bronco tricked out with ARB 4×4 Accessories is a show stopper. It’s equipped with a twin compressor, Old Man Emu BP-52 Suspension System, BASE Rack Roller Kit, Front Summit Bumper, Rear Zenith Bumper, Rock Sliders, Skid Plates, Rear Air Lockers, and tons more.

First Responder Bronco SEMA 2022
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