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Our Facility

Conveniently Located in San Rafael, CA
Standox Refinishing System Spectrophotometer
Globaljig frame bench upgrade in 2015 for Maserati Certification

In Constant Motion

We are constantly upgrading our facility and equipment to meet our manufacturer and customers demands. The cutting edge of collision repair is a great deal more complicated than Insurance Company's will lead you to believe. There is an immense difference between Auto Body Shops that complete manufacturer certifications and those that do not. Insurance companies will lead you to believe that all shops are shades of gray, this can be the furthest from the truth. Insurance companies qualify their shops on "the list" mostly by the demands they place on the shops to meet primarily when it comes to cost, and the use of alternate parts. These shops in essence work for the insurance companies and not the vehicle owner.

Installation of the new Prep Station's & Paint Booth at our new 61 Belvedere facility in 2015
New Awnings being installed in December 2016

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