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Race Ready: The 2014 Ford Mustang Boss 302S Factory Race Car

The 2014 Ford Mustang Boss 302S Factory Race Car is designed to make a statement on the track with its muscular V8 engine, aggressive body styling and long-standing racing heritage. Featuring outstanding performance capabilities alongside various race-focused features, this factory built Mustang will take your driving experience to new heights! The powerful roar of the Ford Mustang Boss 302S paired with its unmistakable look makes it one of the most dominant vehicles in motorsport.

Short Summary

  • The 2014 Ford Mustang Boss 302S is a powerful, track-only beast designed to carry on Ford’s winning legacy.
  • It features adjustable suspension components and safety measures for maximum performance and driver security.
  • With its engineering excellence, Watson Racing has contributed significantly in developing the car with support from parts supply and rear tow hooks for racers’ convenience.

Unleashing the Beast: 2014 Ford Mustang Boss 302S

Ford Mustang Boss 302S in Grabber Blue with hood pins and circular grille air inlets

The rare 2014 Ford Mustang Boss 302S is a factory-built race car that has revolutionized track days and road racing in SCCA as well as NASA classes. It boasts an impressive 5.0L TiVCT engine with a specialized racing calibration which brings about 444 horsepower along with 380 lb-ft of torque, enabling this vehicle to break the record set by its predecessor (the 1970 professional production based series) achieving five wins successively! The iconic “S” marking makes it stand out on the tracks available in Oxford White, Grabber Blue or Satin Black colour choices making it even more special than ever before.

The Birth of a Legend: Ford Racing Heritage

Ford’s racing legacy dates back to 1896, when Henry Ford crafted his first car. Throughout the years, they have participated in motorsports such as Formula One, NASCAR and endurance races, one of their iconic models being the famous 1960s GT40 built for Le Mans 24 Hours.

The 2014 Mustang Boss 302S is a modern adaptation which is specially designed only for use on tracks with features like its carbon fiber front splitter, adjustable rear wing and circular grille air inlets all working together towards top-notch performance. Carrying forward this winning tradition into our times!

Factory Built Race Car: A Look Under the Hood

The Boss 302S is a race car built for speed and agility, with its 5.0-liter engine containing a custom racing calibration that allows optimal power and torque output paired to the T-6060 6-speed transmission as well as 3.73:1 ratio on the Torsen TR2 differential gear setup. To enhance performance, Ford Racing has equipped it with adjustable dampers plus caster/camber plates, adjustable sway bars along with front lower control arms fitted by extended ball joints. To Derlin bushings which provide less friction allowing for superior handling accompanied by increased suspension travel range too!

Track-Ready Features and Upgrades

Ford Mustang Boss 302S with adjustable rear wing, carbon fiber front splitter, and standard competition components

The 2014 Ford Mustang Boss 302S is a factory-built race car, equipped with superior performance features including the carbon fiber front splitter and 19 inch wheels. Its adjustable rear wing and air extractors accompanied by its own fiberglass hood are all crafted to give it that winning edge amongst other competitors in races of similar kind.

Safety has also been considered, from outfitting the vehicle with HANS enabled Recaro race seats along with six point racing harnesses as well as fire suppression system for added precautionary measures Augmented through attaching a window net on each unit.

Suspension and Handling: Tubular Lower Control Arms and Extended Ball Joints

The Boss 302S features a sophisticated suspension system built for top performance and handling. Its tubular lower control arms have extended ball joints to ensure greater travel, while the Derlin bushing kit reduces friction dramatically in order to maximize its ability on any circuit.

Ford Racing anti-roll bars are integrated as well as two-way adjustable coilover dampers alongside caster/camber plates that altogether give an even smoother ride with consistent stability through every turn of the track’s sharp corners.

Safety First: Fire Suppression System and Window Net

The 2014 Ford Mustang Boss 302S is a perfect example of prioritizing safety in racing, having been equipped with features such as fire suppression systems containing two nozzles and an impressive window net designed to keep the same Mustang driver securely inside should any accidents occur. Also included are HANS-enabled Recaro race seats, six-point safety belts and quick release steering wheels making sure drivers stay protected while performing their best on the track. The combination of these components makes for one highly reliable vehicle that allows competitors peace of mind when they hit top speeds with the incomparable power offered by this remarkable model from 2014 Ford Mustang Boss series.

Driver Convenience: Quick Release Steering Wheel and Master Cut Off Switch

The Boss 302S features useful components designed to improve the driving experience. Its quick-release steering wheel can be removed and put back with ease, ideal for entry into a cramped race car cockpit. Its master cut off switch is an important safety feature that makes it possible to instantly stop the engine in case of emergency circumstances while ensuring both security and efficiency during racing activity on tracks. These facilities provide more control over overall performance as well as greater comfortability throughout your ride.

Conquering the Competition: SCCA, NASA, and World Challenge GTS Manufacturers

Ford Mustang Boss 302S with adjustable dampers, wheels, and suspension upgrades

The 2014 Ford Mustang Boss 302S is a high-performance vehicle designed for winning on the track. It has demonstrated its prowess by performing exceptionally well in different racing categories like SCCA and NASA, as well as taking first place in World Challenge GTS Manufacturers series, proving that it can meet up to the brand’s commitment of engineering excellence with superb results.

From fast acceleration speeds to agile handling capabilities, this muscle car offers all you need to become victorious. While furthering Ford’s legacy of success at various competitions around the world, the Mustang Boss 302S shows why even after more than five decades since its inception, it remains one of the cars most favored amongst enthusiasts across generations.

SCCA and NASA Classes: Dominating the Field

The Boss 302S has found great success in the SCCA and NASA classes. The Sports Car Club of America offers an extensive range of 57 race categories while National Auto Sport Association caters to 18 different levels for every skill type available on the track.

Due to its potent power characteristics as well as focused components, it’s unsurprising that this model has managed to capture these series, highlighting its capability and superiority when competing against one another.

World Challenge GTS Manufacturers: A Winning Legacy

The World Challenge GTS Manufacturers series encompasses a variety of production-based classes, such as GT3, GT4 and Touring Car, home to the TCR. These competitions see car makers go head-to-head in exciting events with no lack of competition.

Ford’s Boss 302S is taking this challenge by storm. Bolstering Ford’s successful history on track while proving its superior performance power for all race cars involved. The impact that it has had since joining the series cannot be denied!

Partnering with Watson Racing

Ford Mustang Boss 302S with Recaro XL driver's seat and personalized content

The close collaboration between Ford Racing and Watson Racing has yielded great results, with the two teams coming together to design and manufacture the highly-regarded Boss 302S. The car benefits from both companies’ expertise in creating parts such as Cobra Jet, Mustang S550 or Boss 302R/S before being assembled by their unified team of professionals into a formidable race car capable of delivering on performance. This alliance is key for customers who can be sure that they will get an impressive product backed up by dedicated experts making it truly powerful yet well supported at all times.

Engineering Excellence: Watson Racing’s Contributions

Watson Racing has contributed significantly to the development and production of the 2014 Ford Mustang Boss 302S. They collaborated with Ford engineers, engineering components, and constructing full-spec iron race cars, installing chassis/roll cages and building complete racing vehicles in order to make sure that this track beast lived up to its promise. By finishing it off as a purely track focused machine, they have shown their commitment to creating an excellent vehicle driven by advanced engineering. The relationship between Watson Racing and Ford engineers is strong due to these efforts involving the iconic Mustang Boss 302S from 2014 onwards!

Support for Racers: Trackside Assistance and Parts Supply

Watson Racing offers its customers more than just engineering and production. Not only does the company supply parts, but they also provide trackside support which ensures that their racers have everything they need to perform at an optimal level. This comprehensive system allows them to focus on racing technique while having professional assistance whenever it is needed. With a team of committed experts behind them every step of the way, participants can be sure that all efforts are being made for their success in competition settings.

Towing Essentials: Rear Tow Hooks and Rear Tow


When it comes to race cars, the 2014 Ford Mustang Boss 302S needs certain extra supplies for safe and effective transport. The rear tow hooks firmly fasten onto both the bumper as well as the frame of this particular model while a steel cable is necessary that can handle its weight when required. This specific type of rope features a link at one end which attaches itself with whatever vehicle is pulling or moving the car, then on the other side there’s an opening designed so you could tie-in your vehicle getting towed by another one.

These components offer complete assurance in terms of safely transporting mustang boss, whether it be maintenance purpose or emergency situation, thus ensuring efficiency during loading/unloading process involving Ford Mustang Boss 302S from year 2014 onwards – no matter if we are talking about regular version known just as ‘mustang boss’ or classic versions such ‘2014 Ford’.


The 2014 Ford Mustang Boss 302S has been a great success in the SCCA and NASA classes as well as within World Challenge GTS Manufacturers. This factory-built race car created by the collaboration between Ford Racing and Watson racing is an embodiment of power, performance, and track focused features with its distinguished rich heritage from previous races. With professionals passionate about engineering excellence and dedicated to providing drivers with unparalleled experiences on the road, this manifestation of Ford’s legacy proves their relentless pursuit for greatness can be achieved when they put in effort together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Ford Mustang Boss 302S race car?

The Ford Mustang Boss 302S is a race car made just feet away from the location where its street-legal cousin, the Ford Mustang Boss 302, is created. This Turn Key vehicle has an unbelievably low price tag of only $79,000, a bargain for any driver looking to get into racing! The value and quality that comes with this model make it one of the most sought after vehicles by racers around today. With features like a V8 engine and top notch performance specs all included in such an economical package, there’s no other choice but mustang boss 302s when you want a turnkey solution for your next track adventure.

How many Boss 302S were made?

Ford Mustang Boss 302s were an exclusive offering from Ford, which created only 4,000 each year in a two-year run with a total of 8335 vehicles made. Of this total, 1,532 Laguna Seca versions of the legendary Mustang Boss 3002s could be found.

Is there a 2014 Mustang Boss 302?

Yes, there is a 2014 Mustang Boss 302 offered by Ford Performance Parts.

How much horsepower does a 2014 Boss 302 have?

The 2014 Boss 302 Mustang has a 5.0-liter V8 engine, producing 444 horsepower and offering retuned suspension for improved performance.

What is the 2014 Ford Mustang Boss 302S?

The 2014 Ford Mustang Boss 302S is perfect for any car enthusiast looking to compete in SCCA and NASA classes, as it has been specifically designed with road racing in mind. Powered by a 5.0-liter V8 engine providing 444 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque, the model can reach top speeds up to 155 mph thanks also to its six-speed manual transmission, adjustable suspension and limited slip differential.

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How long has Anthony's Auto Craft been in business?

We have proudly served Marin County for more than 50 years.

What is included in your concierge service?

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Do you specialize in High End Autos?

Anthony’s has specialized in the repairs of aluminum and composites for 20 plus years and we have a company rental car fleet made up of Mercedes Benz vehicles. Technicians train with Mercedes Benz, Tesla, BMW, Lexus, Maserati, and I-Car, Created customer concierge service in 2007, pickup and delivery to the North Bay, San Francisco, and Napa, of customer vehicle, and or a rental car delivered to your door.

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Technicians train with Mercedes Benz, Tesla, BMW, Lexus, Maserati, and I-Car, Created customer concierge service in 2007, pickup and delivery to the North Bay, San Francisco, and Napa, of customer vehicle, and or a rental car delivered to your door.