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Tesla Certified
Auto Body Shop

Quality Without Compromise
Tesla Certified Auto Body

Tesla Certified Body Shop

We have recently completed the extensive training and certification by Tesla Motors, to repair their all-aluminum vehicles back to Tesla factory specifications. We employ the techniques and procedures necessary to repair your specialized vehicle. We have also made extensive upgrades to our tooling and equipment to repair the Model S, Model X, and in the near future the Model 3.

Only a select few shops will become Tesla Approved Body Shops in the Bay Area. Make sure your vehicle is repaired to the critical standards Tesla has set forth, and your vehicle is brought back to the original specifications and 5 star safety standards that Tesla originally manufactured your vehicle to.


“I took my car here all the way from morganhill because every Tesla shop had a 3 month wait. Sean helped me all the time as well as the rest of the team through out my journey because it really sucks how long the wait is to get parts for a Tesla. They even provided me with a free rental (Tesla model s) after I ran out of time with the rental from the insurance. My car looks better than brand new.“

Omar R.


“Anthony’s did a stellar job redoing my rear bumper after a big rig ripped it off while parked. Marcaisse managed my experience and provided first class service from start to finish. The car looks like new again and you’d never know anything had ever happened. Thank you Marcaisse for the excellent service!” 

David R.