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Maserati Certified
Auto Body Shop

Quality Without Compromise
Certified Maserati Repair Shop

Maserati Certified

Anthony’s Auto Craft is a Maserati Certified body shop in San Rafael, CA. If your Maserati is in need of body, structural or cosmetic repair, trust the professionals at Anthony’s with your luxury vehicle. Our trained technicians have Maserati specific experience and our team lives up to our motto, quality over compromise.

Maserati vehicle repair is something we take pride in at Anthony’s Auto Craft. From fender repairs to complete bumper to bumper repair, whether you’ve had a ding, paint chip or a near total accident, your luxury vehicle will be returned in almost new condition. We go over every detail of your Maserati when performing the required work to restore your investment. Not only are we experienced at Maserati repair but we know the specifics of this luxury vehicle inside and out.

It’s never fun to need body work on your car. But if you do, Anthony’s is the place to go. The first thing you notice is the number of Mercedes, BMW’s, Maserati’s, etc. in their lot for repair. They are approved by MBUSA as an official auto body repair shop. I have had 2 occasions to use them, and can say without hesitation that they are the best, most professional, top class company.

Allen S.

Second time I’ve brought cars to Anthony’s.  First time I had a very bad and sad rear panel damage on a 2013 E350 caused by a teenager who didn’t see my car.  Sean took care of me – the result was unbelievable – like the accident never happened. The bill was a fifth of what I expected and they did the job in a day.  Again the result was like the damage never happened. What more can anyone ask for?

Joe W.