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Dear Todd,

Thanks so much for the time and effort you spent on my corvette repair last month. I sincerely appreciate all you did locating the door and dealing with the insurance co. It is nice to know that some things don't change - Anthony's is the same class act as 30 years ago!
- Nadine Tarpley

Sean and team,

Thanks you for the amazing work on our car! Just speechless at how great it looks. Also we have been so impressed with how professional, friendly, helpful the staff have been from our very first call.

Dear Mr. Carnevale,

I understand that you are the owner of Anthony's Autocraft in San Rafael. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with your general manager, Todd Ballenger, in connection with repairs to my 1998 Quest Mini Van -

I will certainly recommend Anthony's Autocraft to anyone in need of autobody repairs.

Dear Todd,

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation to all the folks at Anthony's Auto Craft for their excellent service and workmanship. My Saab was pretty banged up and I was convinced it would never look or drive the same. My mechanic, Marin Volvo?Saab, referred Anthony's as being the best in the business. Needless to say your reputation is well deserved-


Robert Young

Dear Todd,

To follow up a phone call I made today to your gracious person who answer the phone, I wanted to drop a note of thanks for the professional, polite, timely and perfect job you and your staff did for me on my new volvo station wagon-

My Best,

Marcy Taylor-Pattinson

Dear Todd,

Although, the break down of my BMW was an inconvenience, it was mitigated by your professional manner in handling the matter. It is so refreshing to present a problem situation and have someone take responsibility with both friendliness and honesty-


Dear Todd

When I drove up to your shop yesterday and saw my gleaming BMW sitting in the driveway, it was hard to imagine that was the same car I brought in almost two months ago. It was an absolute mess. Please thank all of those involved for their conscientious and highly skilled efforts-

Keep up the great work.

Gary W. High



The car looks terrific and drives like a dream.

Dear Todd,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help and patience you extended to my wife and I while repairing our two cars. The trauma of having to deal with a fire in our hom was difficult enough, but the loss of both our cars made a bad situation even worse. Thanks again for all your help and you can be sure if anyone ever asks me where to take their car for painting or body work Anthony's will be my strong recommendation.


Ken Gosliner

Dear Roy,

Rarely does a person have an experience with an organization that justifies writing a letter to the owner of that organization, However in this case I thought that it you might like to know my impressions with dealing with yours. I felt that it was important for you and your staff to know what a tremendous pleasure it is to do business with Anthony's. I can no longer imagine taking my cars anywhere else!


Gregory H. Friedman


Thanks again for the "cosmetic surgery" on the M.5 hood. It appears that the primary objective was met, saving me almost enough funds to someday have the wheels painted.


Jim Waserman

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Dear Todd,

I just want to thank you for all your time and kindness. I have been very upset and stressed since the accident that damaged my brand new car. I feel very confident knowing that it it now in your hands.

Hello Sean,

A little card to say thank you.

-Donald Titles


Thank you so much for finding the hood scoop on my truck I will write a great yelp review for you guys!

- Marina

I am writing this letter in appreciation to the work performed to my vehicle. It it very difficult to locate a Company that treats their customers with outstanding service. Furthermore, having a prompt and efficient work crew. When we seldom, come across a company like this, we take the opportunity to thank you many times over.



I just wanted to drop you line to express my sincere appreciation for the recent repairs to my Ferrari and BMW. Outstanding repair work --then uncompromising attention to deal is obvious -- and the color matching is "dead-on" Very impressive!

Best regards,

Ralph Francis


You deserve my heartfelt thanks for the beautiful work you did on my Honda last week. The interior and exterior just gleamed! Like a new car! I couldn't believe it!


Marian Rintret


Scan4 2.jpeg

Dear Sean,

I just would like to say thank you very much for your excellent job on repairing my car. Especially you repaired the tire an extra work for free for me. That was just super nice. I wish you all the best.

Thank you so much,

Rihony Z

Todd & everyone at Anthony's,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing such wonderful job fixing my car. You guy's did such an "Awesome" job!

Thank you


Thank you for taking care of mu collision(with a sign post!) back in July. Your consideration & compassion were the relief in an otherwise thoroughly upsetting experience.


More Testimonials

“I would certainly recommend Anthony’s Auto Craft to anyone in need of auto body repairs.”
– Paula M, Weaver

“Your work and service is exceptional with human kindness un-comparable.”
– Diane Buroff

“Thank you so much for the beautiful job on my BMW! It does look great, just as you assured me it would.”
– Cindy Simonsen Daly

“Thanks for the professional, polite, timely, and perfect job you and your staff did for me on my new Volvo station-wagon.”
– Darcy Taylor-Pattinson

“You did another ace job on my Ferrari”
– Frank Kawalkowski

“I want to acknowledge the craftsmanship and attention to detail in all the work in restoring my car. It is a beautiful job.”
– Gary W. High

“The workmanship in your shop was incredible. The Lexus is a good as new and the Mercedes also looks like a new car, just the way it did before the fire. Maybe even better.”
– Ken Gosliner

“Todd – Thanks!”
– Huey Lewis

“When we seldom come across a company like this, we take the opportunity to thank you many times over. There will be no doubt that I will feel comfortable referring my family and friends to Anthony’s Auto Craft.”
– Jack Saleh

“I just wanted to drop you a line to express my sincere appreciation for the recent repairs to my Ferrari and BMW. OUTSTANDING repair work – the uncompromising attention to detail is obvious – and the color matching is “dead-on”. Very impressive!!!”
– Ralph Francis

“THANK YOU for taking such wonderful care of me during an incredibly stressful time. Your pride & workmanship are commendable.”
– Sandy Holder

“The ratings were from 1, the lowest to 10 the highest. I tried to rate you a 20 but their system wouldn’t allow it.”
– Ana Maria Birdsong

“Thank you for your kindness and your professional excellence. You are the best!”
– Marty Panelli

“My car is more beautiful than ever – You guys are great!”
– Jennifer Meyer

“This is the second car you have repaired for me and you can rest assured that anyone who asks me to recommend a good body shop, ANTHONY’S is my only answer”
– John H. Nolan

“Todd, your employee’s set the bar high for professional, courteous, and friendly customer service”
– Diane Kristiani